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Friday May 24, 2024

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Natural health practitioners is a free, open access community providing an interactive platform for your further development, and helping you achieve a successful career.


Raison d'etre

Building a successful career as a natural health practitioner is not easy. A recent BANT survey found that 43.3% of members see fewer than 3 clients a week. This did not of course account for ex-members, having been forced into careers elsewhere.

Success is not determined by your academic knowledge or your skills as a clinician. Unfortunately the challenges from being a student become very different when trying to develop a successful career.

Your needs become more specialised and individual to your unique goals and circumstances. This suggests a support structure both specific to the industry and adaptable to your needs.

We firmly believe that every practitioner can become successful and we have a strong track record in achieving individual success. We view the obstacles to success as a combination of unique factors within each individual, often linked to a lack of confidence & experience, or a lack of focus and direction.

To achieve this, there needs to be a platform that allows practitioners to develop in line with their unique circumstances and needs, and to access their desired career. This will help avoid the waste of talent and mis-directed energy so common in our industry.


Our vision

Our vision is to help each natural health practitioner achieve the success his or her hard work and talent deserves. To make this possible we have created a service with 2 interwoven aims.

We provide a combination of focused information and practical solutions completely free and open to all. Many of our services are interactive to encourage involvement, and make our services specific to you. This is to support your personal development as a practitioner.

'Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn'  Benjamin Franklin

 The other important aspect of our service is that we are community based. This is so we can all help each other and grow as a whole. We involve the colleges and universities to cross pollenate theories and methods. We involve professional bodies and government sources to help further expand the industry. We involve businesses to provide you key links into careers and further development. We hope this critical aspect provides the wrap-around support to allow Natural health practitioners to grow organically, and to best serve your individual needs.


The founder

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Graham Botfield

Graham is a qualified Nutritional Therapist and a member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy. He has 12 years experience as a practitioner and 10 years experience as a college tutor and lecturer. Graham has worked in a number of colleges as a clinical teacher and provides mentoring support to both students and practitioners.


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